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High costs involved with DUI convictions

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety is engaged in an enhanced enforcement effort that is aimed at drunk driving during the 2016 holiday season. The stepped-up enforcement drive is scheduled to last through New Year's Day. As a part of its efforts, the department is airing a public service announcement in order to get people to think about the potential consequences of DUIs before they go out to celebrate.

New DUI patch could reduce drunk driving deaths

South Carolina residents may soon have the option of wearing a patch that indicates whether they are too drunk to drive. The product, which was developed by New Mexico-based startup company DermaTec, could be mass-produced in the near future if funding can be obtained. The company has already received grants and is seeking additional financing.

Measuring marijuana intoxication in drivers

South Carolina authorities may find that the future will present more instances of drivers demonstrating signs of marijuana intoxication as the substance becomes more accessible through legalization measures throughout the nation. This makes it necessary to objectively assess intoxication levels in motorists impaired by marijuana. A research team from Stanford University is developing a system that could solve this problem for not only marijuana but also for other controlled substances.

Study says Uber does not reduce drunk driving fatalities

South Carolina drivers may not be less likely to cause a fatal DUI accident if they have access to Uber. A study conducted by researchers from Oxford University and the University of Southern California and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology says that the presence of Uber in a city does not reduce the incidence of drunk driving fatalities. This study runs counter to some other studies conducted on the same topic.

Texting symbols enhance safe driving publicity campaign

A picture can be worth a thousand words, and the South Carolina Highway Patrol has turned to popular text-messaging symbols known as emojis to drive home messages about safe driving. For example, one sign that drivers will see throughout the state depicts a picture of a beer plus a green car along with an equal sign that leads to a police car.

AAA says test for marijuana impairment is flawed

South Carolina drivers may be interested to learn that according to an AAA study, tests that some states where marijuana is legal to determine whether a driver is impaired by marijuana usage are scientifically flawed. The tests measure the amount of THC in a person's body, but this is not a reliable indicator of how impaired a person might be. Five states have set a maximum THC level for determining impairment.

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