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Being accused of reckless driving

When a South Carolina resident is cited with reckless driving, there usually needs to be evidence that the driver was operating their vehicle in a way that was unsafe and that showed that they disregarded the rules of the road. The driver does not have to be involved in a crash to be cited.

In some state legislature, there are acts that automatically qualify a person as a reckless driver. These acts can include street racing with another vehicle, attempting to elude a police officer and driving 25 mph or more over the speed limit. Attempting to pass another vehicle on a two-lane road when the visibility is very limited may also qualify as reckless driving.

The consequences for reckless driving in South Carolina can be severe. If this is the person's second offense, they could potentially have their license suspended for up to 3 months and may be required to pay a fine. Depending on the situation, they could also be sentenced to jail or have to do a certain amount of community service. However, if a driver is cited or ticketed for reckless driving, they have the right to contest the ticket or citation.

If a driver is accused of driving recklessly, they face more than just legal consequences. They could find that their insurance policy premiums increase significantly and may have driving points added to their record. If there is little evidence that the driver was actually operating their vehicle in a dangerous manner or if the officer who conducted the traffic stop did not follow proper procedures, an attorney may have the ability to create a strong defense. In some cases, the attorney may argue that the driver was not willfully driving in a dangerous manner. For example, the driver may have had an adverse reaction to medication, causing them to speed or fall asleep behind the wheel.

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