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May 2014 Archives

South Carolina bill for school bus cameras advances to House

In South Carolina, a bill was introduced by a senator and then largely ignored for a few months, stalling out in the Senate Transportation Committee. The bill, which is known as SB 718, is aimed at utilizing cameras on the stop-arms that school buses use to tell other cars to stop while they are unloading or picking up children. Under this bill, if violations were caught on camera, the police could then use that to track down the drivers and prosecute them.

New South Carolina law expands use of ignition interlock devices

It can happen to almost anyone. You drive to your friend's house for a barbeque. Upon getting there, you have a couple beers and one more with your dinner. An hour after dinner, you leave your friend's house and are soon thereafter pulled over by a police officer who contends you failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Upon being asked where you are coming from, the police officer asks if you've been drinking. Nervous and not wanting to lie, you admit to having a couple of beers.

South Carolina teen facing 6 felony drug charges, avoids prison

An 18-year-old boy recently stood before a judge facing six felony drug charges. A senior in high school who, last fall, stepped up and took over as his school's starting quarterback, faced a sentence of up to 40 years in prison. Instead, he was given a second chance to turn his life around and remain free to pursue his future educational and life goals.

Juvenile justice system fails to provide tools necessary for future success

An individual's formative years provide the experiences and framework for one's entire life. For far too many South Carolina children, adolescents and teens; the environments in which they grow up are filled with poor examples. It's no wonder, therefore that some repeat the patterns of family members and friends that eventually lead to an arrest.

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