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Student tries to pay speeding ticket with coins

It's essentially the dream of revenge for every recipient of a speeding ticket in South Carolina or throughout the rest of the United States. Recently, a college student, who received a speeding ticket out of state, attempted to pay his $160 fine with a bucket of coins. However, his payment was not accepted by the city simply because it was not convenient for them. This spurs a debate on whether cities should, or should not, accept traffic fine payments in the form of a large quantity of change.

In this case, it would appear that the city is in the wrong because the man was not necessarily paying with a bucket of coins to be vengeful. He actually attempted to pay his traffic fine via a credit card machine at a municipal court, only, the machine was not functioning properly and would not accept his payment.

The student then turned to a change machine that would convert his change into cash. This would not work either, because the machine would take a certain percentage of his money for its services and would not leave him enough to pay the fine. Desperate, and only 24 hours removed from his court date for the ticket, the student had a bank verify that he had the right amount of money in coins and brought it to the municipal court.

A spokeswoman for the city defended the actions of city workers and said the money would have had to be counted twice by hand, which would be a waste of taxpayer money.

Not until after the ordeal did the student learn there was a change machine directly across the hall from the municipal court that he could have used. No one, not even city workers, notified him of that. Instead, he was forced to pay his fine online and used money he had as financial aid for school.

Perhaps it was not the best decision for him to wait until the final day to pay the fine, but is it fair for a city to only accept payment in certain forms?

Source: MyFOX8.com, "Colo. student's change not accepted for ticket payment," Ryan Sullivan, April 6, 2012

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