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January 2012 Archives

Unpaid speeding tickets can ding your credit

If you are angered over a traffic citation, your initial inclination might be to totally ignore it. But ignoring traffic citations, like speeding tickets, won't make them, or the fines that accompany them, go away. In fact, if you fail to pay your fines, it could have an effect on your credit. Suddenly what appeared to be an inconvenient little fine could take a toll on your overall financial life.

Drivers have new tools to avoid speed traps

A driver can often times avoid a speeding ticket if only he or she was privy to a speed trap or the presence of law enforcement. A web application for smartphones, which may be of interest for South Carolina residents, is making that happen. Escort Inc., a company that produces tools used by motorists to help detect the presence of law enforcement, has also developed a social network feature that allows drivers to share information with each other.

Ruling focuses on law enforcement and quotas

The ruling in a drunk driving case across the country is being felt in South Carolina and other areas where people are fed up with unfair efforts to punish alleged offenders. A woman in Maryland had her charges dropped when she and her attorney proved to a judge that the police were possibly motivated to issue her a citation to meet a quota that would make them eligible for overtime pay made available by federal grant money.

South Carolina woman sues bar for drunk driving accident

A South Carolina woman, who was paralyzed in a drunk driving accident back in 2009, is now suing the establishment that continually served her drinks, even though she was not of age at the time. She was 20-years-old at the time of the accident.

Hilton Head might remedy speed trap

A South Carolina road that many area motorists consider to be a speed trap might eventually see state officials tweak its speed limit. The stretch of road on the Charles E. Fraser Bridge, located on the Cross Island Parkway, is currently 40 mph. However, this is a speed limit that even members of the Hilton Head Town Council feel is too slow, especially considering the design. Drivers have a tendency to drive over this speed limit, becoming at risk of garnering a speeding ticket.

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