Distracted Driving Violations

Texting Behind The Wheel Is A Primary Offense In South Carolina. Do You Know What That Means?

Distracted driving can take many forms — eating, using GPS navigation or texting while driving are common examples.

But texting behind the wheel is a primary offense. This means that if an officer sees you texting behind the wheel, he or she call pull you over even if you didn't speed, run a stop sign or commit any other traffic violation.

And, given the increase in distracted driving accidents, police officers are unlikely to show mercy to drivers found engaging in such action.

You could face points on your driver's license and steep insurance rate increases for this offense.

Before You Pay, Learn About Your Options First

Before paying your citation, we encourage South Carolina residents and those traveling out of state to contact our firm to explore your options.

A ticket for distracted driving does not mean an automatic conviction. Officers make mistakes, and illegal procedures are conducted.

Experienced Representation For South Carolina Residents And Tourists

Our leading attorney, Ray Lord, possesses a comprehensive understanding of traffic law with in-depth insight as a former police officer and prosecutor. He has handled many distracted driving cases and can evaluate your case to determine if your charges have merit.

If multiple violations have resulted in the loss of your driver's license, he can pursue options including license reinstatement.

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